Customer Support

Can I always contact you?

The best way to contact us is by e-mail, but you can also reach us by WhatsApp if your situation is very urgent. Our contact information is below:

E-mail: info@airportwifirentals.com

Telephone: +90 530 154 62 62

Address: Airport WiFi Rentals is located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport. After exiting the international arrival gate, you can see our store on your left.

Store Location

General Questions

What is Airport WiFi Rentals?
Airport WiFi Rentals is a store located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport, offering solutions to meet the internet and technological accessory needs of travelers. Not only at Istanbul Airport but also on its website, it provides customers with pocket-sized portable WiFi modems and eSIM services at various locations of their choice.
What are the advantages of renting a modem from Airport WiFi Rentals?

Here are the advantages of Airport WiFi Rentals modems:

Portable Internet Access: Airport WiFi Rentals provides travelers with pocket-sized, portable WiFi modems, offering internet connectivity on the go. This allows users to access the internet wirelessly in different locations, eliminating the need to rely on any specific WiFi network while traveling. Therefore, when in need of internet during your travels, you can connect to the internet without being dependent on any WiFi network.

Coverage Area: WiFi networks to which you connect while traveling have limited coverage areas. To ensure you stay connected even outside these coverage areas, having Airport WiFi Rentals' modems allows you to carry your WiFi network with you wherever you go, enabling you to benefit from an extensive coverage range.

Travel Convenience: Airport WiFi Rentals modems are small and portable devices that travelers can easily carry in their bags. This means travelers can access the internet without carrying any extra weight. Additionally, it provides a cost-effective internet option, avoiding international roaming fees during overseas travels.

Group Usage: Airport WiFi Rentals' rented portable WiFi modems allow multiple people to connect to the internet simultaneously. This practical and economical solution can be particularly beneficial for situations such as business trips or group travels.

Flexibility: You can rent Airport WiFi Rentals' modems for the desired duration. Whether for daily, weekly, or monthly periods, the rental options offer flexibility to cater to your specific needs.

Do I need to pay a roaming fee to my own operator?
No, you don’t need. You just need to put all your mobile devices in airplane mode and connect them with Wi-Fi and portable internet devices.
Can I just rent a SIM card in my mobile modern?
No, that is not possible. Because your mobile internet device (mobi modem) is delivered to you as a package and the SIM card inside can only work on that device.

About The WiFi Modems

What is included in the WiFi Modem Kit?
The WiFi Modem Kit includes a mobile WiFi device, extra battery, USB cable, user manual and USB socket.
Can I connect and charge the modem while using the power bank?
Yes, you can use the modem at the same time. You can also charge your own devices with this powerbank and you don't have to pay an extra fee.
Can I rent multiple WiFi devices at the same time?
Yes, you can select and reserve up to 5 WiFi modems at the same time on our website.
Can I use WiFi modems from Airport WiFi Rentals if I have a SIM locked phone?
Yes, if you have a phone that only works in your region and does not work with other SIM cards, you can use Airport WiFi Rentals’ WiFi modems safely and comfortably. Because the device only works over Wi-Fi and does not require extra activation.
What kind of devices do Airport WiFi Rentals modems work with?
Any WiFi-enabled device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers can be connected to Airport WiFi Rentals' modems.
How many devices (tablets, phones, laptops, etc.) can I connect to the WiFi modem?
You can connect up to 10 devices to Airport WiFi Rentals modems.
What is the download speed of the device?
The download speed is at the maximum limit of around 150 Mbps on 4.5G networks.
Can I use Skype, Viber, Facetime with Airport WiFi Rentals?
With the Airport WiFi Rentals mobile modems, you can use all internet-based messaging, conversation and video calling applications.
Can I use P2P programs with Airport WiFi Rentals?
No, you may not be able to use such software. Because the infrastructures of these software may not be suitable for this and may cause the device to malfunction.
How long does this battery last?
When fully charged, the battery will last about 5 - 9 hours. After your battery is low, you can charge your device with the powerbank included in the WiFi Modem Kit.
If I lose the device or anything in the package, will I have to pay for it?
The cost of missing parts will be deducted from the deposit you paid.

Payment And Cancellation

What payment method can I purchase with?
You can pay by credit or debit card on our website. Or you can make your reservation in cash from our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport.
Can I pay cash at your office?
Yes, you can pay in cash at our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport.
I want to cancel my reservation and get a refund. What should I do?
You should send a notification e-mail to info@airportwifirentals.com at least 1 business day in advance. Then your transactions will start and your money will be refunded over 1 € per day. (For example, 5 € refund is provided for 5 days.)

Network Coverage

How many meters can I stay from the modem?
The maximum range of the modem is up to 15 meters outdoors. It may vary depending on the environment you use, the number of devices you connect and the intensity of external factors.
Does the quality of coverage degrade while traveling?
As we are the official agency of Turkcell, which has good network coverage, you will have 3G/4G coverage as long as you are close to the beach.

Return Process

How do I return my device?
You can put each piece in the kit in a box and leave it at our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport, at the reception of your hotel or to the responsible person in your hosting place. Please let us know when and to whom you delivered the device.
Can I return my device at the airport?
Yes, you can leave your device at our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport.
What is the additional cost if I choose delivery or return option outside of Istanbul?
Between 1 and 3 working days, your Airport WiFi Rentals mobile device will be sent to any city other than Istanbul by cargo. For this, a total of 20 € extra service fee and shipping fee is charged, and the rental fee of the device is calculated by including the day time spent by the device in the cargo.
Can you bring my Airport WiFi Rentals modem to my hotel?
Yes, in this case, you may make your Airport WiFi Rentals reservation at least 48 hours in advance and specify your hotel address. We will then send your device to your hotel address as soon as possible. We would like to inform you that our institution will not be responsible for late delivery when you are late for a reservation.
When should I return the WiFi modem to my hotel reception?
You can leave your modem at your hotel's reception at any time before midnight on the last day of your rental. Please let us know when and to whom you delivered the device.

Delivery Process

Where can I receive the WiFi modem?
You can pick up your modem from our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrival floor of Istanbul Airport. As Turkcell's official agent, Airport WiFi Rentals creates a Turkcell SIM card registration on your behalf. Then your device will be activated. You have to deliver your passport to our employee and sign the subscription agreement for Turkcell SIM card registration.
When can I pick up the WiFi modem?
You can pick up your WiFi modem at any time from our store on the arrival floor of Istanbul Airport.
What pick up location options are available?
You can pick up your WiFi modem from our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport. Or we can provide you with delivery for other locations you choose from our website.
Can I deliver the WiFi modem outside of Istanbul?
No, you cannot. We do not currently have a delivery point outside of Istanbul.
How many days does it take to be delivered?
We usually deliver on the same day, but outside of Istanbul, 20€ extra service fee and shipping fee is charged for transmitting the Airport WiFi Rentals mobile modem, and the rental price of the device is calculated by including the day the device is shipped. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
My flight will land at Istanbul Airport at 3 o'clock. Can I still receive my device?
You can pick up your WiFi modem from our Airport WiFi Rentals store located on the arrival floor of Istanbul Airport. Our store is open 24/7.

Booking / Reservation

Can I extend/shorten the rental period?
After your reservation starts, you can extend your reservation period by paying 6.99 € per day. You cannot return your WiFi modem before your reservation period.
Can I cancel the reservation?
Yes, you can cancel your Istanbul reservation 1 day in advance. However, for provinces other than Istanbul, this period should be 2 or 3 days in advance. If you decide to cancel after your device has been delivered, the rental fee and delivery fee, if any, will be charged.
How can I postpone my reservation?
You can postpone your reservation by writing to our team via WhatsApp or e-mail.
How can I reserve a WiFi Modem?
You can easily make a WiFi modem reservation on airportwifirentals.com by selecting the desired period, pick-up and drop-off locations and completing the payment process.
How many days in advance should I book the Airport WiFi Rentals device?
We recommend making a reservation a week in advance for the summer season, as it may be busy.
Can I order last minute?
If you call our store and our operations team can offer a solution for you, we can create a last-minute reservation for you.
Do you have special prices for long-term rentals?
Yes, for long-term rentals of more than one month, you can rent from our website at more affordable prices.
How do you count and charge rental days?
Our daily rental fee is 7€. For more than 1 month, you can get a special price from our website.
No, we have no hidden charges.

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